Should you be looking at use of private aircraft for longer, more complex artist tours, please drop us an email to discuss in detail. We take pride in our consultative approach – ensuring your artist is offered the right aircraft for their tour and that arrangements are made to detail.  Understanding the processes involved in artist booking, indicative pricing and advice with regards to your artists routing and maximising their tour potential, is all offered at no obligation to assist in your booking process. As part of a general service we advise on aircraft, the use of airports, flight times, pricing and a lot more.  If there is a more viable commercial option available to get your artist to where they need to be on time, please be assured we will always aim to provide you the most suitable option, sometimes a commercial flight might be just that.

Artist Charter is a business built on trust – we hope that you find the assurance you need for planning your next tour in working with a business that has thrived on trust to get artists where they need to be, on time and on budget.